Saturday, July 6, 2013

Around the house..

I have serious storage issues in my bathroom. It's so small if you turn around too fast you're liable to bump into something. I think I'd like to 'make' this.

Something like these shelves would be nice, if I had the wall space in my bathroom.

This is genius.

I SERIOUSLY need to do this. I don't know why so many of my socks go missing but I have more missing than I don't.


  1. I gave up on matching socks a couple years ago. All our socks are the K Bell ones, the big packs from Costco, and we just dump them into sock drawers, and then grab 2. Peoplewho know me actually look at my feet to see if my socks match.

    The little shelf around the toilet paper is great. We have a "hutch" looking thing hanging over the toilet, and I hate it. It's big enough to hold 6 rolls of toilet paper, and vitamins, but not enough space to easily hold medicine, and we lack a medicine cabinet.

    Stephanie - Follow me #13

  2. I'm thinking I am definitely going to have to do the sock thing, that is such a great idea!! I love the 6 lock theory, that is such a great idea!

    Magena Follow me #13

  3. Some great ideas. My favourite has to be the first one! :)

    Aaliyah {xshootingstarsx}

  4. I love, love, love, organizational stuff! Seeing pictures like these are a kind of eye candy for me. Thanks for posting them! I think the sock idea is especially amazing.

    Lizziefx - Follow me #13

  5. I LOVE those shelves in the bathroom. We have a never ending bathroom remodel and those shelves would be perfect.

    ~j3ss1ca - Follow me #13

  6. I always have missing socks! That is a good idea. Love these photos, so inspiring.

  7. I love the tissue holder idea and the socks, too! I also love the all white bathroom with wooden accents... it looks so clean!

    H2OBaby - Follow me #13