Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun Friday Music

Today I am featuring the OC Supertones or the Supertones. I don't even know how I came across them in 97'..I think it was through a magazine. I used to get this Christian music magazine once every two months and it came with a cd with up and coming bands. How awesome is that? I loved that magazine. I believe I saw the Supertones twice, once, I have no recollection of for some reason. The other time, I was living in Oklahoma and one morning randomly looked up their current tour schedule. They were playing that night 4 hours away. My fiance at the time was like "Let's go then!" and so we did. I don't listen to them too much anymore..once in awhile I get in a ska mood and play them on Pandora.

One time they were doing a contest to win concert tickets I think and the winner had to send in a photo of themselves with their cd. Of course I entered. This was when digital cameras were very new but luckily a friend had one. Somewhere I have photos on a disc but we took a picture of me dressed up as an old lady librarian skanking (dancing like a goof) through the library as well as me holding their album in a ball pit at Mcdonalds. Both things you would never catching me doing now lol

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