Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recent books I've read..

Below are some books I've read recently that I really enjoyed...

This book is tells the story of a man who grows up very poor during the 30s. He joined the Marines during World war II and fought in one of the most horrific and well known battles of Guadalcanal. He talks about what is now known as PTSD and it will pretty much break your heart hearing how he had to deal with Malaria.

Loved this book a lot! I will definitely be reading it again once I do start canning. It breaks it down pretty well.

The last few years I've been interested in learning about things like this and all the chemicals we breath in and what not.

This autobiography was FANTASTIC. It's about a girl in south America who is kidnapped and dumped in the jungle. She is raised for a few years by monkeys. That's right. Monkeys. You would think that would be the hard part of her life right? Not so. But I don't want to give it away and I sincerly hope that as a movie lover that this is made into a movie.

This book was excellent but very sad so you diffidently have to be in the mood for a sad book to read when you pick this one up. I read it shortly after the mass killing spree in Colorado in the movie theater which I am sure wasn't the greatest of times.


  1. That D.I.Y. book looks interesting. I'll have to get that next time I'm at the Pueblo library.

  2. ohh! I need that diy book. =O