Saturday, August 31, 2013

30 days of Creation

Today is the last day to sign up for this fun course! Class starts tomorrow.

Starting September first I will be taking an online class called 30 days of Creation What does that mean? We will be inspired to create every day. I know some days it's just so hard to be inspired to create so hopefully this will jump start my creativity and hopefully yours if you sign up for this course. If you want to take this class be sure to take a look to your right on my side bar and use the code 'Kristy'. Thank you! I'm pretty stoked to be taking this class & the inspiration it brings forth. Below is the course description.

Are you a creative who sees your life as a blank canvas for creative expression? Do you have a passion to create your own art? Are you able to laugh at your mistakes and still love & believe in yourself? Do you want to expand your potential and create magic?

The truth is…We are all artists. And embracing our creativity can lead us to a magical realm of unlimited possibilities.

If this is something you’ve been searching for, you’re in the right place. Charissa offers a safe creative space to explore your inner artist from a soulful, true place, where we feel most alive and connected to our heart space.

She values the importance of art and expression, and finds that all styles are important, significant, and beautiful; all artwork is GOOD artwork because it reflects an effort to create and interpret something in a way that no one else can.

Pure yumminess for creative souls.

The 30 Days of Creation course will help you create a new piece of artwork every single day for thirty days. This is designed to be fun, stretching and also insanely creative!

here's a little of what you'll learn in the 30 days:

prompts and creating every single day is HARD, but worth it.
our intuition is how the Divine speaks to us.
our intuition can be trusted, and wants the best for us. always.
our dreams should scare us a little bit.
we already have everything we need to manifest those dreams. And God wants them, too.
we are surrounded by conscious creators of each and every day. (that's us, guys!)
we can start taking steps TODAY to make our dreams manifest.
we journal to understand, contemplate, play and dream. journaling is a very important part of each and every day.
self care is of the utmost importance.
by taking care of ourselves and making ourselves the first priority, we are able to live more authentically and love others better/more wholly
we are not our circumstances.
we are able to let go of the details because the Divine has our back.
we are vessels for creativity.

You will be surrounded by a tribe of vibrant, open, curious-minded people who are committed to supporting and celebrating one another, practicing their creative skills, enjoying each other’s friendly feedback, engaging in playful, artsy fun, and basking in the full-out creative self-expression of who we truly are. With a classroom feel and open discussions, you will be able to get feedback not only from Charissa but from fellow creatives as well.

Join us! We'd love to have you!

I am being compensated with a free class to be taken with the lovely Charissa from to post about this class.

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