Thursday, August 22, 2013

Healthy eating..

I have been trying to eat healthier for a couple of months ago. I am in the process of eliminating red meat/chicken & just eating fish once in awhile also known as a Pescetarian. Cage free eggs. I've given up milk altogether which has been the easiest for me and have switched it for coconut milk but will trying other types of non dairy milks in the future. I am slowly giving up coffee which if you know me is hard because I love iced/frozen coffee. I am trying to get to a point where I just consume coffee on the weekends (when I need it as I wake earlier on the weekends) as a treat. I have switched green tea for my coffee because green tea has several health benefits.

As far as produce goes..I struggle with finding new ways to prepare it because my husband and I do not like the same vegetables and fruit at all. And he is one of the pickiest eaters you could come across. He HATES tomatoes where as tomatoes if I could have it would be staple in the house (they are too acidic which is not so good)..I'm forever on Pinterest trying to find new ways to prepare veggies. I have the fruit down pat because I don't mind eating most of them raw or in a smoothie/juice drink.

Another thing though is the price of produce. I have learned you can get the cheaper produce but it doesn't stay edible very long, sometimes not even a day. So I tend to spend a little more to get better quality. And I try to go organic for the most part.

What are some of your favorite dishes that are mostly veggies?


  1. A very nice and wise consideration. Congrats! I'm on that road for a couple of years already. Sometimes it is hard, because of my daughters. But since last year we made a amazing progress. I have the same the experience with you: to quit using milk was not hard. More than five years I quit using milk. I enjoy soy and coconut milk. Hope you keep it up! I don't have favorite veggie dishes... sorry:-)

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  3. Good for you!!! I'm still trying to find new ways to eat my veggies since I have a real life phobia of getting joke... Pinterest is great for motivation but I tend to get easily distracted by Grump Cat captions so I don't get much pinning done...

  4. good luck with the transition. i'm a vegetarian and my fiance is a meat eater (and suuuuper picky too). sometimes i'll make whatever i want for myself, but then we'll both eat the carb (potatoes, pasta or rice), then he'll have meat and green beans or broccoli and i'll eat something vegetarian. not sure if you like the fake meat products or want to eat them, but morningstar ones are pretty good. i have a few veggie recipes on my blog too :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak