Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

This past weeks' coupon haul I paid $75 and the retail price was $182. I got 3 pairs of jeans (70% off!), two bottles of makeup cover up, 14 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, 5 jars of spaghetti sauce & 5 boxes of wheat pasta. Not too bad!

Who WANTS to pay $20+ for a phone cover? Certainly not me that's for sure so I decorated my own for about $ 1.50

We went to the local pug meet up & this little guy was there. So cute! I think we all three enjoy going to this (we haven't brought Daisy because I am still nervous with her aggression & other dogs)..Lucky loves running around all the free space and we like seeing all the different looking pugs and different breeds of dogs.

Once in awhile this cat gets super silly...she never lays like this, not sure what she was doing.