Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

Paid $3.26 out of pocket. This is one of my more impressive coupon hauls. I don't do big coupon hauls because I get overwhelmed making sure everything comes up right AND I don't get a lot of multiple coupons.

I got burnt out on Pumpkin spice fraps at Starbucks a few years ago but I wanted to try an iced pumpkin spice coffee from Mcdonalds because I prefer their iced coffee to Starbucks. Starbucks iced coffee are just way too strong for my tastes. Anyway..this was GOOD! Unfortunately I went two more times after that and they said they can't make it. I don't know..did aliens steal all the pumpkin syrup since the first time I got it? =/

My new ipod touch cover, cute right?

Pug slippers. Enough said.

Paid $3.75 for 3 throws and 10 bottles of Starbucks coffees. These throws were $1.25 so we we got a ton to donate to the local pug rescue. Yay! Love those puggies to death.

Instagram tuesday would not be complete without AT LEAST one pug photo right?


  1. Okay, those pug slippers and ipod case... they are SO cute! I just want to smoosh your pugs face. adorable!

    - oddbroad [sb Follow me #17. ]