Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

We took our two pugs and cat to the annual pet costume contest again this year. We had Savannah as a pirate, Daisy as a human baby and Lucky as a pig because the pig never stops being funny. Sadly they did not place at all. We can't compete with a turtle dressed up as a hamburger.

Target paid me .05 to take these home.

I haven't had good luck thrifting for over a month but did pretty good this past weekend though.

Last weekends' nails.


  1. a turtle dressed up as a hamburger? wow. :) i love your citrus colored nails!

  2. Hi there! This is Joyce (devgel) from Swap bot Follow me #19. I love how your cat is dressed up for Halloween. My cat don't ever want to stay in a costume for more than a few seconds

  3. This is Joyce (devgel) from swap bot follow me #19. I love how your cat is dressed up for Halloween. Wish I could dress mine up for more than just a few seconds.

  4. I can't believe your cat stayed in the costume AND rode in a shopping cart! We tried to dress our cats up once... it wasn't pretty! :) Cute costume! Sorry they didn't place.

    Swap-bot Follow me #19