Saturday, February 8, 2014


Let me just say these are awesome. Why? Because I am not one to want anything sweet in the morning (so there goes more than half the typical breakfast food) and they are quick to heat up if you have left overs.

I didn't follow any one recipe for these other than putting the oven at 350 and letting them baking for 25-30 minutes. I used a cupcake tin to bake these in! So much easier and quicker than using an omelet maker! If you make these be sure to spray the pan down because they are a bit hard to get out once they are done baking.

I used 8 eggs (which depending on your other ingredients yields 12 'muffins'), frozen mushrooms and a Birds eye mix of onions, garlic and tomatoes, diced green onions, a sprinkle of garlic powder and chili powder and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese for the top. Also you could use any (well not fruit I guess haha) fresh ingredient you had on hand...I just used the frozen veggies because that's what I had on hand.


  1. Those look good. I am going to have to try those! Yummy!

  2. I'm sorry if this is a repeat comment, but I replied online and it wasn't clear whether it went thru or not!

    I didn't know that about you and sweet things for breakfast! Do you like sweet things for dinner?

  3. Aaaand I'm sorry if this is a third attempt. It usually gives me a comment visible after approval, but I don't think it did this time, meh.

    I didn't know you didn't like sweet things for breakfast! Yeah, that eliminates a lot! Do you eat sweet things for dinner at all?