Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

I've been crafting it up this past week!

How cute are they? We had planned on taking them on a long walk because the weather looked good but once we got out there it was too breezy so we took them to Pet Co and they got some new sweaters and dresses. Just like kids I tell you!

I was PAID $3.70 to take all this out the store. That's better than just getting it for free lol

We took Lucky in for a post surgery check up..she's in good health!

More scrappy goodness.


  1. yay to post surgery check up result! they look so happy at petco! :)

  2. The scrapbooks look really cool. I love the color scheme you have used for both.


    tonewadventures on Swap-Bot

  3. Pugs, so cute! They are my favorites of little dog breeds :)

    -Ezzi / Follow me #23 swap

  4. they're so cute in petco and love lucy's hello kitty harness! and that's amazing that you made money to get all that stuff!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

    1. Thanks! I love that picture of them at Petco.

  5. I loooove your pugs!! :) And such a great deal, I wish I was talented with couponing!

    - Holly/Follow me #23