Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

My coupon binder I'm working on.

How cute is this?

In all the years I've been dying my hair wonky colors I've never been brave enough to bleach it. I was convinced it would fall out. Good news! My hair did not in fact fall out but bad news is that my hair for whatever reasons did not take to the bleach so well either.

Silly ham.

New kitchen rug from Target.

I absolutely love Japanese stationery otherwise known as kawaii.

Not free but paid .30 each which beats $4 each right?

Are these photos fuzzy/grainy for anyone else?


  1. I think I notice a bit of fuzziness, but not enough that it was obvious to me until you pointed it out. And then only in a couple of pictures or so.

    That stationery is freaking cute!

    Thumbs up on the coupon binder!

    1. I think it's the way I saved them but I don't know how to save them any other way LOL

  2. I need to learn your mad couponing skills!
    That's awesome! And- your rug from Target is adorable!
    Thanks for sharing your fun photos!

    1. Thanks! I will be sharing a bit about couponing in the future if you are interested ;)

  3. i love your new rug! and your yellow stool!!! love love!