Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

Happy April 1st! :)

So sleepy.
That face!

Added to my collection today lol
My little EOS collection lol

My husband & I got strawberry cheese cake to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Yum!

Yes I still love Lisa Frank, no I am not 12 lol My husband actually surprised me for once with a gift!! Impressed!!

And I'm back! This summer for three months I will have a personal trainer  And I don't want to start from the bottom up so I've started to work out again in the mornings. To boot if I allow myself coffee (which I am trying to pretty much eliminate) in the
This summer I am having my very own personal trainer (haha) and so I am starting to work out again so I don't start from the bottom up come June.


  1. lisa frank! oh my goodness! :) and wow - do you have those gym equipment at home? pretty neat!

    1. :D Yup! There's a bike too but the room is so small I can't get it in the picture LOL

  2. I wish Lisa Frank was popular in Australia but you can't get any of her stuff here. :(