Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

I've been having a hard time with flickr in that I can't save my own photos and now my photos when I link they are small on my blog. So for this week that's all I have. I will have to start saving the actual photo I took and email it to me.


This cutie is my heart and soul.

Used 2 $3/1 bics, 2 $2/1 on the Say yes, & 2 $4/1 almay. OOP:9.54 My face better appreciate this expensive brand  #coupons #couponing #couponcommunity
I got some decent couponing in last week (it may seem like I could every week but I really don't) and paid $9.54 for all this which is excellent because the Say Yes products are $9 each.

The one lonely layout I did last night.. It's a start though lol
I am slowly but surely getting some scrapbook layouts done.

Both b1g1 50% off. Used 2 $4/1 & 2 $5/1 peelies. OOP: $4.41 at walgreens. I'm sad I missed out on the DD on Saturday but I only use brown & grey eyeshadow so I dont need eleventy shades of blue eye shadow
I paid $4.41 for this which is exceptionally good because the Say Yes night cream is normally $13 each. This stuff hardly does on sale so I had to stock up for sure.

Some of the envelopes I 'decorated' tonight. So happy to give a home to stuff I don't want to scrap with.
I'll do pretty much any other craft project to avoid doing scrapbook pages =/

I haven't gotten out this early for a dog walk in a couple of years. This is what happens when I go to sleep at a decent time (thank you Melatonin!).. Made my husband do a selfie in this mirror & got breakfast burritos at this little coffee shop that is s
For once I got out super early (before 7am!) to take my pugs for a walk...it was a bit colder than my weather app said it was but it was manageable. We even stopped by this small coffee shop to get these infamous breakfast burritos.

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