Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reading Goals

A lot of big readers like to make goals on how many books they want to read for the year. I've never done this but I saw a feature on Goodreads where you put in a goal and so I put in a random number of 100. It may seem like a lot but I guess for me it's not. So far I've read 34 books this year and according to Goodreads I read 130 last year, 2012 I read 200 and 2011 I read 230 so it's not an impossible goal!

I have 211 books on my 'To read' list and 114 on my 'Reread' list. Yup. I have a Reread list as well as a list 'Try to read later' for books that I've started but just couldn't get into at the time but thought I could later on.

Do you have goals for reading?


  1. I have a goal of 152 (jokey number between hubby and I) this year. I made it lower than last (200) because we bought new video games and I've been wrapped up in my games as much as reading. It's fun to do goals and challenges. I have completed 63 books (41%) and am 12 books ahead of schedule. I only have to decide, at some point, if I'm going to bump it back up to 200. With the upcoming Read-a-Thon I'm doing, I probably will.

  2. I think it's awesome you read so much! I wish I could! I find a lot of books don't grip me enough that I can't stop reading them so I end up putting them down often. :P My goal is to read at least 40, but I'm hoping for more. :-)

    1. I do have a hard time getting into a lot of fictional books.

  3. Wow! I only have 30 on my list for this year. I'm terrible about starting books and not finishing them. I think I'm currently 1/2 finished with 3 at the moment. Oops!