Thursday, June 19, 2014

Movie Reviews

How I live now This movie is about an American girl who for some reason is shipped off to England to stay with her cousins & aunt whom she has never met. At first her character gets on my nerves because she's so hateful an unlikeable. Of course she meets a boy but things go awry when rumors of world war three begin.

Gravity I thought I wanted to see this movie in the movie theater but I'm glad I didn't. I was on the edge of my seat through out the ENTIRE movie BOTH times I watched it. This movie has two characters in it which is rough as it is. It's about two astronauts & things go from bad to a lot worse very quickly. The ending is very unbelievable and I think they could have changed it up more, it's too much of a fairy tale ending.

Enough Said This is a strange love story about two somewhat obnoxious divorcees. They have several quirks among themselves but despite the somewhat annoying two lead characters it's still a cute movie.


  1. Thanks for these reviews, don't think I'll go see any of them! Lol love the look of your blog, very professional. Tracey theparttimewriter/swapbot .

  2. Thank you for the reviews. I'll think I'll watch How I live now this weekend.
    Eveline - Follow me #29