Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My life Through Photos

This past Sunday my husband & I went to a pug festival of sorts an hour and half north of where we live. The proceeds go towards the Pug rescue of Colorado. So how could we not go? This was our third year going and our pugs first. This guy won the 1st place for the costume contest and I have to say it was hilarious.

Slowly but surely putting up fall decorations.

This weekend my husband made Linner/Dunch and I found the deals. We had spare ribs, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn and it only cost $1.30 per plate. Not bad! It was our first time making ribs and they turned out great.

I spoiled myself with a box of Sees after the pug festival after getting stung by a bee and living to tell about it seeing as being around bees and wasps sends me running towards the hills =/

Gorgeous washi I got in the mail from Peachycheap!

I downloaded the Time hop app last week which is a pretty cool app. You give it access to a few social media sites and it brings up what pictures you posted, what you tweeted, etc. that day 'x' amount of years ago. This one was from two years ago and too funny to pass up posting here! :D


  1. love the pug festival! for a good cause!

  2. This is Florence Antonette your partner in the follow me #32 on swap-bot. I look forward to more posts by you!