Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Life Through Photos

I took this photo with an iphone 6. I wish it was my iphone 6 but alas it was not! I can't believe the clarity in phones these days. Unless you're really into photography you don't need a high quality aka expensive camera anymore.

My husband being silly at the zoo. We went to the zoo on Christmas eve..there was hardly any people there (yay!) but a lot of animals weren't out either though (boo!)..

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  1. Oh my is this your husband wearing a spiderman-sweater? how awesome is that?? I want this :D :D Also I love the zoo. We have a really big one here as well, but at the moment it is way to cold to be there! But now I am kinda in the mood now haha so thanks ;-)
    Best wishes from far away Germany :)
    Vanessa aka chaari #swap-bot #comment and follow