Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Life Through Photos

Every winter I have grandiose plans to use my crockpot more and it just doesn't happen..this is my first time to bring the crock pot out this season.

That face! :)

One of the reasons I love Trader joes's is because I LOVE trying new foods and they seem to have more different foods than regular grocery stores or at least there I pay more attention there. I am quite the adventurous eater..I will pretty much try anything twice so long as it's prepared in a clean sanitary environment. The cookies are DELICIOUS. The chili mango is okay and the freeze dried mango is pretty good although sweet.


  1. If you have a world market nearby, I'd definitely recommend venturing there. They have so many wonderful and tasty sweets and treats to choose from, as well as fun cooking supplies.