Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Life Through Photos

We were having brunch at my grandma's house on Sunday so I decided I wanted to check out Garden of the Gods park here where I live before we went and ate because I like it best when it's got snow in the park!

And this random photo. Did anyone else watch the premier of the new show Secrets and lies? It's so good I don't even like crime shows. And that popcorn? I LOVE it.


  1. It's so cool that you are committed to posting pictures of little things and big things in your life. I was never good at that. Maybe that's why I don't eve try project365, ha!
    That place looks amazing! Where is it?

  2. Your pictures of Garden of The Gods. Took me back in time when I went there often! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!
    Your so blessed to have a grandma to visit. Be sure and treasure the Times you spend with family members!
    Kraftykj from swap bot comment 39

  3. The mountains are definitely beautiful with that nice dusting of snow added. How is Secret and Lies? I'm kind of trying not to watch it...I don't know why, but I'm just not pulled in yet. I like the title though haha.

  4. Gosh, I miss snow. Wish we had snow like that. Great pics! Haven't seen the show. Heard its good.

  5. Oh wow. Those snow! Have you ever hike up there?

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