Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Life Through Photos

We kind of celebrated our wedding anniversary early & went out for Mexican food. These bunuelos were so good! I also had Mahi street tacos..I love a mean fish taco.

I got paid $3.52 to take this home :D

I bought this shower curtain last year for $3 at BB&B and finally put it up. I love it as I love airmail things.

And a picture of daisy to prove the pugs are still around! :P I haven't been taking many photos of them lately for whatever reasons.


  1. Teach me your couponing ways. You are amazing i swear!

    1. Thanks, there's a lot of blogs out there that break it down :D

  2. That shower curtain is sooo unique! And hello there pug!

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  3. I loooooohohohoooove this shower courtain!! And you are so right mexian food is just delicious! Makes me wana have some bu├▒uelos as well ^^
    Also I can not believe that you actually got paid taking all these things! This whole coupon thing is just madness! We don't have that here in Germany, at least not in these dimensions. But I can totally imagine me going nuts over this, if we had :D :D :D
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  4. dropping by for comment and follow 42... scrapingd

    i love the pug pics, and the couponing i adore, i am a paper saver too, so i totally get it, and appreciate the work that goes into it.. way to go !