Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Life Through Photos

I needed a product removal shampoo (I tried baking soda but didn't like it) & found this for half off..I hope it works.

I was paid $6 to take this home..I've always loved Combos, not sure why! :P

New craft project!

It seemed like all the Starbucks had run out of Chestnut praline but we found one that had the syrup left AND pumpkin spice left!


  1. Those crafting supplies look so nice! Make me want to make something from the pins I've hoarded on Pinterest.
    I am impressed at your ability to score so big when it comes to groceries and snack! It's so cool!

    -comment and follow #40

  2. Your couponing savings continue to make me so jealous! I am going to start once i get some more time to learn! Can't wait to see what your project turns out to be. [Comment and Follow #40 - AJStarfish]

  3. Are those tubes of washi tapes?!

    Dropping by for Comment and Follow #41 via nomElizabeth

  4. Your food looks so good. Especially the nachos, it's too bad i can't eat many hard foods anymore, I'd be all over some nachos! Could you please come to my blog and "follow" me? I'm trying to up my followers count and it's not easy when no one you actually know, blogs. Thank you! Great blog.
    Craftemomme08 from swap bot