Thursday, April 23, 2015

Book Review

The Girl in the Green Sweater: A Life in Holocaust's Shadow by Krystina Chiger

This is a biography about a Jewish girl and her family in Poland during WWII. Her dad devises a plan to take them into hiding, how ever long it needs to be until the war is over. So they hide away in their city sewer, there's a few other people who go hiding with them including a woman that is pregnant! They end up in the sewer for fourteen months evading rats, fires, dysentery and floods. It begins to look really dire after awhile when the person who is helping give them food and supplies stops coming. They are eventually freed but not without losing all their extended family and friends. If you're not into reading the book there is a movie based on this true story.

The forgetting by Nicole Maggi
This is a Ya book, I have no shame. I know some of you read Ya books too! ;) This book is about a girl who gets severely sick and almost dies if it weren't for the girl who killed herself. The sick girl inherits the other girls' heart and.... memories. She decided it's her mission to see why this Jane Doe decided to kill herself.

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  1. Both of this books sound interesting. Thank you for the reviews.
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