Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Life Through Photos

This week for photos is made up of fail. I know I took more photos this week but they aren't on any of my devices so I am wondering since my icloud is full if it's eating my photos =/ I don't know other than I know for sure I had some scrapbook pages to share that I can't find at all. My phone doesn't have one but they aren't in my deleted photo folder either. Such a mystery!

This past week my husband & I tried the 'Endless soup & salad' at Olive garden. It wasn't very endless for me as I barely ate half a bowl..I didn't think the soup was very good and I am not into consuming unwanted calories if something isn't healthy for me & doesn't taste good lol

I hadn't had these drinks in YEARS but saw they had the new flavors Starbucks is debuting this week so I decided to try them. I didn't like them either but I know I like the coconut frap at Starbucks though so I will give the S'mores another try there too.

I do not know why this post is so wonky as I did the same html I always do.

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