Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday faves, etsy style!

( The owner of this shop just so happens to be a friend of mine for several years now. Every once in awhile she sends me random packages to be sweet which include Blythe dresses she has made. I can tell you she has mad talent with the Blythe dresses. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of her sewing skills.

( I've been a fan of her artwork for several years now. In fact I have one of her owl postcards decoupaged onto my craft desk.

( How cute is this pillow?

( This pouch would be perfect for holding small cameras and phones :)

( I love this magnet so much. Mind you I have zero magnets on my stainless steal fridge lol

( I'm a sucker for most things pug, what can I say!?

( Everyone has been raving about these, I kind want to see if they live up to their reputation :)

( ) I don't have room on my laptop for this but it's cute nonetheless.
ANDDDD I just lowered the prices in my own etsy shop and I do have to say they are some spectacular prices!


  1. Those pug magnets are too cute.

  2. I really love the items in your shop. I was gonna scoop some up for myself, but I'm trying to curb spending a wee bit :(
    Great finds by the way!