Thursday, October 28, 2010

I saw these faux poloroid frames on urbanoutfitters and wanted them but they are 3 for $24!! I scored them at Hobby lobby for $2 each! They are too cute. I plan on putting them in my bedroom since I have virtually nothing on the walls in that room as well as the living room, and we've lived here since March. When it comes to putting pictures and what not on the walls I am super picky for some reason.


  1. Those are cute! Urban Outfitters is SO expensive.. and you can USUALLY find most things there somewhere else, luckily. (Except my record player in the awesome color it is... lol)

  2. I hear you about the being pickey with wall stuff, I can't stand bare walls and would quickly put something up, but now I am much more careful.

    Its funny my roommate keeps bringing me movies posters (he works in a movie theatre) and they are all movies I never plan on seeing so I don't know why I would hang them on my wall.

  3. You're right Lauren! At least with the kitschy stuff and you can get most of their clothes I am sure at an antique or thrift store lol

    Movie posters would be super cute for a 'movie' room though :D