Friday, October 15, 2010

What are you doing this weekend? Today I am going to tidy up the house, complete a swap, catch up on a few art journal prompts (I can never catch up) and read until my hearts' content. I never find the time to do any of this stuff on the weekends. Either Saturday or Sunday we have plans to go out of town to this little town that has cute little antique stores. I've been waiting for the weekend for this reason! We've been meaning to go for a year now but it just never worked out due to the weather or whatever. I will be taking my cameras and possibly my Blythe, yes I own a Blythe. I can hear the snickering! And the other day I would like to take the dogs to Garden of the Gods, again with my camera in tow, but of course.

Every once in awhile I make cupcakes or random goodies for my husband to take to work to share with his coworkers. Last year around halloween I made about 50 or so cupcakes with monster faces on them. Most would think that cupcakes equal cuteness right? I thought so too. But given that they are Soldiers and all rough and tough (at least that's what they want you to believe anyway) then I feel awkward making anything cute for them. Next week I am making something for him to take again, I'm leaning towards cupcakes but I need some ideas though!

With my spectacular graphic making skills (Note the sarcasm) and the help of my cousin I now have snaggable buttons for people to put on their blogs. If you end up putting one of my buttons on my blog please do let me know so I can squee, deal? Deal.
Happy Friday!!


  1. Haha. I don't think guys really care what their food looks like as long as its edible. xD

    Those pumpkin cupcakes are absolutely adorable. I wish had awesome cupcake making skills. *sigh*

  2. Correction "...and the help of my favorite and awesome cousin who I am going to go visit for Thanksgiving..."

  3. You are right Panduh!! These guys LOVE my BOXED/FROM THE CAN cupcakes so they don't know what's good or care about what they look like I am thinking.

    The pumpkin ones are easy..I made a few last year.

    Lynsey you should come visit ME this year, Michael will be visiting this Thanksgiving so with you too it would be MORE like the good ole' Thanksgivings lol

  4. I snagged a button! And I see you snagged one of mine. Awesome, thanks!!

    Happy Friday! And YUM to all the cupcakes.