Monday, November 8, 2010

I recently read a blog post about how they stopped blogging because they felt pressured to only blog about everything in their life being happy, happy, happy and sunshines and cute puppies because a lot of the popular crafty blogs are just that. I noticed this right off
the bat and realized that people aren't dealing with sunshine and cute puppies all day long 365 days a year. But I also believe there is a time and a place to divulge your personal life and I choose to not do that on the internet where anyone and everyone can read it. The blogger challenged her readers to also blog about things that you normally wouldn't put out there so I have taken that challenge and I plan on taking it a step further, but you will read about that below.

For the past 5 years I've always wanted a craft room or at the very least a craft space. Luckily thus far I've gotten that space. My craft room always ends up my favorite room in the house and I decorate it or lack there of how I want it but I have gotten some REALLY rude and nasty comments so since I moved to this house I've been rather selective with who I let see my craft room whether on the internet or in person. But at the same time my attitude is that if you don't like being in my craft room (whether it's because it is cramped or 'bright' or whatever reason) then my answer to that is then do not create in there. Simple. And it just so happens the craft room I have now is my favorite by far! I can paint the walls whatever color I want if I choose to, even if that happens to be chalkboard paint :) and I can hang up anything and everything I want, if I choose to.



08' This was the last place we rented and those curtains that are hanging up were not mine. They were even uglier in person.

06' This was base housing, notice the horrible tile? It was that industrial tile. Pure nasty. But it was big enough to have some workout equipment in there as well and plenty of sun coming in which I LOVE.


e you heard of project365? A lot of people end up losing interest in it by day 7 or day 103. I did it in 08'/09' while my husband was deployed. Most days I will admit that it was a plain pain in the butt because I had a hard time finding inspiration but I've been
wanting to do it again but I want to put a twist on it. That twist is that the photos can only be taken in my craft room (of course should I be lucky to go on a vacation then I will have to put the project on hiatus) whether it's something in my craft room or the state of my desk. I'm not sure when I will start on this project but I thought it sounded like fun. I know that I personally LOVE seeing where other people create even if it's just a little closet.
What do you think?


  1. I love this whole post! I've also notice everybody's blogs are so happy and upbeat. I try to keep mine on a pretty happy and not too personal level. A few things come out here and there but I doubt anyone wants to hear about my job sucking and what not LOL
    I loooove your craft area and I can not believe that anyone would ever say nasty things about someone elses creative space. Pssh...Haters, they must have just been jealous!! Now you're inspiring me to show mine off =P

  2. I don't see anything wrong with any of your craft rooms! As long as you're happy and can work, that is all that's important! Messy, clean, bright, dull, organized, chaos - those things don't matter as long as you can create. I'd love to see more photos of your room. Hmmmmm...what's in those containers?? :)

  3. Thank you Jamie and yes you should share photos!! :)

    I agree Cathy! Whats in those containers is everything from crafty supplies to LOTS of stationery :)

  4. Your craft rooms have always been cute. Thanks for sharing photos! I love the current craft room....looks like such a happy place!