Monday, November 8, 2010

Today I walked both dogs together. Something I've attempted only three times. I don't recommend it with high energy dogs lol But tomorrow it's supposed to snow and the highs for this week aren't very, well high, for me anyway. But here's two shots of them all pooped out. And as you can see I do crochet but I am horrible at it. Infact I plan on taking apart that 'scarf' I started and starting over.

I went thrifting this week and finally scored some decently priced pyrex!!

I plan on using this for a fall themed candy dish! Not that I have candy just sitting in my house, so maybe I will put apples in it, ha.

We happened upon a this SMALL coffee shop (ya know the ones that are drive thrus and only have room for one person to work in it?) last week and tried their bubble tea. We got cappucino which was very good as well as wildberry which was good but I prefer coffee flavor over fruit. As 'luck' would have it one of the thrift stores we went to on Saturday was by this place and so we got Chai tea bubble tea and almond milk which were both good. If you like bubble tea, what flavors do you get?

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