Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you can't tell by my blog already I LOVE pugs!! The funny part is that before I got my first pug in 08' I was not fond of dogs, and for a portion of my life I was dealthy afraid of them. They are a sweet and loving breed, on the flipside of that is that they are stubborn, super hyper and have bad health problems which is the worsr part of the breed.

When visiting my family in 08' I fell in love with Lucky, a few months passed and as luck (ha!) would have it we ended up adopting her from my brother. No words can express how much I love this dog. The phrase 'Man's best friend' finally made sense to me. She is so well behaved and loveable.

We adopted Daisy from the humane society last summer, it was very rough at first and she ended up very sick the first week we had her and nearly died. But with a lot of less money in our wallet and some patience she's my second favorite dog in the world. She's very feisty, sassy and likes to starts fights, which makes it hard to love her. But she's also very sweet and just loves to cuddle.

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