Monday, February 20, 2012

Have you heard of Project Life? It's a simpler (in my opinion) way of scrapbooking..I like the idea of simplifying some pages but I didn't want to shell out the extra money that comes with doing Project life. So I looked for some sheet covers similar to ones one would use for baseball cards when I went thrifting. I used a scrapbook that I thrifted for $2 so this whole project only cost $5. Then I used papers and scrapbooking embellishments that I normally wouldn't scrap with just cause they need love too!
I've chosen to only do PostalPix, instax and photobooth photos for this particular book, because I am much too cheap to print out photos smaller than the 4X6 size I normally print out. This was a fun little project and it's so much quicker than normal scrapbooking which I will still do. Don't forgett he giveaway here!


  1. Oh wow, this is a great project! I've bookmarked it to come back to it!


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  2. I love the look of you book. Those papers you used are simply adorable. LOL, this coming from a scrapbooker. ;)

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  3. Hi. I have never herd about Project Life before. This looks really great. I'm going to try to make it too. :)
    Have a great day!

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