Saturday, February 18, 2012


How have I never heard of Modcloth until now?I like window shopping at and UrbanOutfitters and they are all similar..odd..
I pretty much want all these items. ESPECIALLY the pug necklaces. The pug necklaces are really calling my name.


  1. I love that site! They have a lot of cute things I want, too. If only money grew on trees, right?

  2. Modcloth does have an amazing website and I like to vote on the things that come around every now and again; however, I have never ordered from them.

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  3. Oh wow, such lovely items! *-* I will definitely have to check the site out~
    +1 follower for you! :)

    ~Nyu (swap-bot Follow me!!-swap)

  4. I <3 MODCLOTH, such a great site! Never ordered anything from there too .. i'm swedish, and america seems .. so far away! There is a few dresses that I'm going to try at get soonish though, as I can't stand being without them any longer! ^^,

    Hugs, DOllythe ( from swapbot, yay)