Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instagram Tuesday

This past week I've been learning my way around blogger and how to do things. It can get frustrating, like if you accidentally delete something or don't know how to fix it..but other than that it's been fun.

Scrapbooking break snack! Jalapeno poppers.

This was my Dvr on sunday..nearly empty..so rare. That means I've been spending a lot of time in my craft room.

I am still doing some spring cleaning around here. Sadly this cupboard will only stay this organized for a few days.


  1. That's a neat red cupboard.
    You'll get the hang of Blogger. I've actually been uploading from Live Writer. Seems a little more user-friendly for me anyway.

    1. The book that I was using to figure things out was a great book and made everything so easy to understand. I wish they had written more books lol

  2. I love to see your book out while making changes to your blog. That looks like me while I am doing my homework. It can get super frustrating to learn code and what it does and how it is linked to this and that. Ahh... I am making myself sweat just thinking about it. I just went back to school for Publication and Web Design and all I can say is stay focused and patient. And I am sure you will be just fine.
    Hope you are having fun with learning a new skill!
    Much Love,

    1. Thanks! I am actually going to go back to school to learn web/graphic design but decided to teach myself some if before I start getting graded for it haha