Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

1.I stopped by an antique mall last week & came across this book. I had this book when I was a kid & I've been looking for it ever since. Too bad it was too expensive. 2. Thrift finds from this past Saturday 3. Free froyo times two!! Our favorite froyo place has happy hour (50% off) so we go then & used our free froyo on Saturday night. I got White chocolate & chocolate & my husband got banana (soo gross) 4. I am trying to eat healthier which means a lot more veggies & fruit in the house. 5. So much snow. 6. Who can resist cute tape??


  1. I hear you on trying to eat healthier. Is Josh trying to do so as well? I find it so hard to get stuff that's healthy because I know that it'll just be me and I feel bad about it going bad.

    1. He loves salad and steamed broccoli but that's about it lol

  2. You just had to mention froyo. I see where you went and I'm jealous!

  3. Just read that book to the kids the other day...again! Evan LOVES that book!
    I love the little wagon! Where did you find it! We have my old big one, not in the bast of shape anymore, but I'd love to find a little one!