Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've been into using coupons ever since I can remember but not until the last month have I REALLY been into. What's better than saving lots of money? The hunt of a good deal. The secret is matching coupons up with sales to bring down your costs.

Here are some random tips.
If you're couponing to really save money then you'll learn to overcome being brand loyalty.

Get to know your store's coupon policy, they all seem to be different.

Find out which stores double coupons.

If you're going to start a stockpile keep it organized. Use up the oldest products first.

Join your store loyalty programs. I've done this years ago but not until recently have I really taken advantage of it.

Look for unadvertised deals. Like the clearance section of a store.

Don't buy things you don't need because that will defeat the purpose of using coupons and saving money.

Watch the cash register. Things don't always scan the correct price.

My couponing pet peeves:
People who shelf clear. You know, buying 20 of one item and leaving nothing for anyone else. People who take peelies/tearpads (coupons that peel off products or hang near an item) and take off with them. Abusing the coupon system by talking their cashier in to going against what the coupon says.

The sites/Apps I've used thus far for coupons are:



  1. YAY! Thanks for sharing. I had this list but I lost it long ago :( A lot of times, I think coupon sites don't have the ones I want or use, but I need to get into couponing again.