Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Instagram Tuesday

This is my 'coffee bar' that I have in the diningroom. More like, I don't have counter space for the coffee maker in my kitchen.

My jars of clay goodies I splurged on this past weekend.

We have been getting a lot of rain here (not nearly as much as northern Colorado) and this is a cabbage plant..I thought it looked kind of cool lol

Yesterday it was chilly in my house & I refused to close the windows as I like the fresh air so I had some hot tea..apple spice with soy milk and honey. I will be having it again, it was that good.


  1. Great photos! The potted cabbage plant does look cool! We've been getting a lot of rain in my part of the world, too. Crazy weather!

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  2. i love that last picture! looks so good (and warm!)

  3. Once again - I love your blog! Where did you get tea from? It looks delicious! ~ Washi (SB)