Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Friday Music

Today I decided to feature Wham...One of the most random groups you could think of right? When I was pretty young I really liked the song Careless whispers. I have no idea why either. One day when I was a freshman in highschool I went into the band room (why yes I was a 'band nerd') and our jazz band was practicing. The guy I had a huge crush on was in the jazz band and what was he rehearsing? The glorious saxophone solo in Careless whispers. Talk about destiny, wait what? I asked for the cassette tape (anddd that's how long ago this was) of the one album for my birthday that year. I have it on record, cd, tape, and mp3..still love that song. I ended up picking up the saxophone that summer..hmm, I wonder why.

'Wham' Btw, I was NOT in high school when this song originally came out lol

'Wake me up before you Go, go'

'Last Christmas'

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  1. I frequently say Wham is one of my guilty pleasures and occasionally torment my boyfriend by singing Wake Me Up Before you Go Go, he has developed a love/hate feeling towards them :)

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