Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crafts involving the shape of a heart

I found a few cute Valentine's day crafts on pinterest, of course!! And a few that just involve the shape of a hear :D

I just love these little bunting and banners people make!

If you're going to make your own business cards I think these are simple yet cute.

As a reader I think these are cute but no source =/

These? *drool*

This is probably supposed to be a kids craft but psh, I think it's a cute wreath for an adult to do.

Are you making any Valentine's day crafts this year? I'll probably only get around to making a few cards myself.


  1. aw so many cute ideas! i'd like to put up at least a few valentine's decorations so I better get on it!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Oh no! These are so adorable! I always have adored hearts. Though I'd like to make Valentine day crafts, I hope I can do them together with my classmates <3

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    PS I'm sorry for my late comment. I can't access the blogs from mobile.

  3. I love the one above the bed---super cute!

    lostinavalon via SwapBot