Thursday, January 30, 2014

Movie reviews!

I haven't done any movie reviews in quite awhile. And do you know why that is? Because I haven't seen any good movies lately or at least not very often. But I have a few that I've seen in the past six months that were decent.

What Maisie Knew
This movie is about a girl growing up between two parents that simply do not want to be tied down with the responsibility of being a parent. This movie would honestly make any parent or even someone with a heart angry at how Maisie is tossed around.

Dorfman in Love

This was originally a tv movie I think but I watched it on Netflix streaming.
This movie is about a girl that is on the nerdy awkward side & her crush on her
brothers friend. While he is on a business trip she gets a makeover & ends up
with some self esteem because of it. She has to choose between the brothers
friend & his neighbor on who she wants to end up with.

Stuck in Love
I had never heard of this movie (somehow I never hear of popular movies until they are on dvd or later) before but came across it on Netflix streaming. It's about a family of writers who can't seem to get their love lives in order. I did have a hard time differentiating the brother and the sisters boyfriend because they looked so similar, ha!

Have you seen any movies as of late that you'd suggest I watch?

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  1. What Massie Knew sounds like a lovely movie. Thanks for the recommendation, I am going to watch it next!

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