Saturday, February 1, 2014

No spend February

My husband and I are attempting another 'No spend money' again this month :) I think this month we will be successful because hey, it's a shorter month. I kid! We plan on freezer and pantry eating (aside from produce) this month as well. What exactly is pantry and freezer eating? Just what it sounds like...not buying any food and just eating what you have on hand. We started this in January and will continue into March, that's the plan anyway.

Of course as with the last time we attempted this if I see a good coupon deal I will still go for it. But I will be staying off the online shopping sites, staying out of the craft stores and Target (eep!)...I'll post later in the month to let you know that we've (not if) succeeded so far! We will be making a trip to Denver because for Valentine's day I want to take a trip to one of the new Trader joe's that opened up in Colorado (that's huge! lol) as well as the Voodoo donuts so that will be an exception.


  1. this is great! good luck to you!

  2. Good luck! I think I'll try to do this myself some time. Maybe. ;-)

    Yay for Voodoo and Trader Joes!