Thursday, March 27, 2014

Couponing at Walgreens

The much aniticipated blog post explaining how I save so much money shopping at Walgreens and why it's my favorite store to coupon at. If someone had asked me a couple of years ago if I'd save so much money shopping at Walgreens I would think they were nuts. Also while I don't have a CVS or a RiteAid I know that most of these tips below you can use at CVS.

Sale ad The Walgreens sale ad comes out on Sunday and starts on Sunday. So you can see what items you want, and what items will be a good buy.

Coupons You know the coupons you get in the sunday paper? You can use those AND pair them with coupons in the Walgreens books for more savings. You just have to be sure that you have an item for each coupon. So say you want to buy 4 bottles of mouthwash then be sure you have 4 coupons from the Sunday paper (also there are other places to get coupons, the machines that you see in grocery stores that spit out coupons, you can find coupons on products as well, etc.)...the Walgreens coupons DO NOT count against you.

Register Rewards Almost every week Walgreens has items that are on sale and if you buy them a coupon spits from the manufacturer of the item you just bought, these coupons usually range from $1-3. You can use this coupon on any future transaction. These coupons are similar to the Sunday coupons so you have can not have 4 products and try to use 5 of these Register Rewards. However you can use 'filler' items...any item that is super cheap so a coupon can be used for that item.

As if Register Rewards weren't already the bee's knees there is another way to earn money.

Balance Rewards These are similar to Register Rewards but instead of getting a coupon to spend on nearly whatever you want you get points for buying certain items. This is a good reminder of why it's a great idea to get a store card. These points you can earn you can use in a future transaction to PAY for your items. Sometimes I end up paying $1 for a lot of stuff this way.

Tips: If you are wanting to buy say 4 items that will give you Register Rewards then you have to separate that into 4 different transactions to get all of your Register Rewards. Do not use the Register rewards to pay for the same item otherwise you will not get any Register Rewards to spit out in that transaction. BUT you can roll so say Colgate toothpaste is spitting out an 'RR' and Sure deodorant is also spitting out an 'RR' you can have the Colgate RR pay for the deodorant and back and forth. I honestly have only done this a couple of times because I'm always afraid I am holding up the line but on the flipside I have never minded when people use a lot of coupons and it takes them awhile to check out.

If say you get 5,000 points for buying $20 in Almay makeup and you're buying $40 in Almay makeup you do NOT have to separate your transaction. However whenever you are going to be receive points you do NOT want to pay in points. You can use all the coupons you want though!

I can not stress how awesome the clearance section can be. It just lowers the amount that you will pay out of pocket. You can use coupons on clearance. If a participating item you find in clearance is spitting out Register Rewards or Balance Reward points then you will get them too!

If you have any questions or anything comment and I will try my best to give you the best answer! :)

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