Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

This Mac and Cheese from Panera was so yummy! And the sandwich was good too.

Our weekends in this house are my husband's days off, Thursday and Friday. We had pizza and a movie...we watched Frozen.

This cat I tell you...no matter what I do to get her to not sit at this vent (the one that aims hot air at the thermostat to make it cut off) does not work.


  1. yum pizza~~ we watched a few days ago as well. i didn't like it as much as tangled! i think i'm definitely in the minority in this one :)

    1. I feel you..I didn't like it either. I tried though!

  2. I am starving thanks to the first two pics! The pizza looks awesome!

    Magena-- Swap Bot

  3. We watched frozen this weekend for the first time too, it was really good. My youngest watched it again yesterday and my oldest watched it again today! LOL

  4. Haha clever cat, she does know to find the warmest place in the house. I love your running shoes, nice touch of pink.
    x Ilzzell from swap-bot (let's hope it arrives this time)