Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back in the day

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I thought I'd join this because who doesn't love to reminisce when things were less complicated? I won't tell my age but if you remember these things then you'll know :)

Music was played on tapes, sure I was around when they were on records but I wasn't listening to records though. I remember recording my favorite songs on the radio or even requesting my favorite songs on the radio.

Lisa Frank stationery was all the rage. I remember when I'd go to Target and get a pack of 300 stickers EVERY TIME I went to Target.

The internet for average joes did not exist. I HATED using the computers because they intimated me. But I did love playing Oregon Trail though!

I absolutely loved Saturday morning cartons and Saved by the bell. It seemed back then because I didn't have a concept of time that Saturday morning cartoons were on FOREVER.

I participated in Book it! And got so excited to get those book catalogs in which I do not remember buying any books.

I would look through the Jc Penny catalog for hours on end.

Puffy painting your clothes or if you were like me anything.

I loved pushpops and ringpops.

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  1. Listening to music on tapes was a lot different, I remember as a kid recording songs from the radio and always trying to time it so you didn't get anyone talking over the end of the song

    kimt1989 from swap-bot

  2. I remember all of that stuff too, I loved puff paint. Shame its a snafu these days. I am currently saving money to get one of those record player combos. I adore vinyl.

    katcouch - swap-bot

  3. Im too young to remember this I don't even remember the 90s as I was only a bubba but interesting to read :)
    Swap bot jessiejcb2013

  4. Awww memories! I like nostalgic posts. :-)

  5. These are great memories! I was an 80s/90s kid too. Still shopping for Lisa Frank at Target---ha!

    lostinavalon on Swapbot (Follow Me #26)