Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

A small haul but I got paid $1.50 to take these home. I love when that happens.

Four pizzas for $3 & change. They were on sale this week at Walgreens for $10/2 & I used 2 $2/2 & nine RRs & used postcards as fillers.
I paid $3 and some change for four Diorgno pizzas..had to get the postcards as fillers.

OOP: $3 & some change.
I paid $3 and some change for these bags of veggies.

Our current place settings in our diningroom.

Goodies from Trader joes.
My Trader Joes goodies from this past weekend. I am going to be in trouble when a TJs opens a couple of miles from my house..sadly I can spend the same amount in one trip to Tjs as I can ALL month on groceries!!!

Before & after
This girl I tell you! I gave her a fresh bath but she had to go out but I figured she'd be quick and come back...nope. She had to roll in the mud first.

And dinner. Is it sad I want to pick the salami & cheese out? ☺️ We picked up these small bagged salads for $2 at Sprouts to try. So far so good!
A yummy salad I had last week.

I made up stock pile Easter baskets for my aunt & grandma again this year
Ever since I started couponing better I've been giving my aunt and grandma stockpile gifts for every occasion in addition to gifts haha. I hooked them up with several hundred dollars' worth of goodies for Easter LOL

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  1. i love the gift baskets you made for your aunt and grandma using your couponing haul! so nice!