Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

I've been on a cooking kick lately...this weekend I made omelets that were pretty good.

Tuna with celery. My husband loves celery, I do not. So I looked up some recipes involving celery and this one looked good enough and it was!

My first real taste of macarons. I'm not sure if these were just not that good but I don't see the hype over these little guys.

Such a ham.

I finally got a fruit infuser cup and I've been using it non stop for the past three days. I LOVE it.


  1. i love celery as well. i should eat it with tuna too! my other favorite! yum!

  2. lovely pics!! <3 Jade Duguay swap-bot.com:greenqueen86 (<-- also my instagram name btw)

  3. I feel the same way about macarons. They're cuter than they taste :P