Thursday, April 17, 2014


I condensed my scrapbooking stickers & embellishments into this box (okay so I may have a few packages in my Raskog cart too) which is an accomplishment. If you're a paper crafter you must know how many cute things there are out there for paper crafts & how every line is cuter and cuter. The past two years I started to (still dealing with this) HATE scrapbooking because I had too many supplies & it was just too overwhelming when I'd sit down and scrap. So I did two things, I did a giveaway of a huge box of goodies last summer on Instragram and the other is I stopped buying scrapbooking stickers & embellishments. I still buy too many papercraft supplies (vs. just scrapbooking supplies) but I'd like to think I am am choosier with what I do buy.

I am sure this problem is with just about any hobby, society as a whole are consumers.


  1. i don't really scrapbook but i do love collecting pretty paper and crafting supplies so i know what it is like to have an overload of supplies!

  2. I need to do this. Everything is just a mess in my stationary stuff!