Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Instagram Tuesday

I paid .33 for all this, not picture are four bags of Lays chips and two 2 liters of soda. For what would have been for the bbq we were going to have for my birthday that never happened due to the weather.

While I do good with finding sales on clothes it's not anywhere near as good with food and stuff like that. I found a great sale at Old navy last weekend and paid $70 for this but got back $30 to spend later.

Last week we had a pretty crazy hail storm. Seeing as we have no garage my husband parked our car under the pine tree that hangs over our yard. While others had lots of damage including people with broken windows we only had some paint ripped off our house.

Our yard however is a hot mess though.

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  1. amazing haul once again. and hail?! that's crazy!