Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Life Through Photos

A rainbow over our house on the 4th of July.

Last week we drove out of town for some yummy fish tacos, who am I kidding? We went to Ikea too of course.

We took Lucky to the monthly pug meet up and she did some of the agility course lol

I think she's saying she disapproves of the heat lol

Out of pocket for some turkey dogs and buns was .74

I hit up a really good Bath & body sale where most of this was 75% off & since I used a gift card I ended up paying $2, not bad!

I actually got some crafting in the other night. I'm not big on spending tons of time in my craft room in the summer...when I chose that room to be my craft room I chose it because it got the most light which also means it gets the most heat. Our house gets into the higher 80s and even 90s in the summer so it gets hod!


  1. that is such a pretty rainbow!

  2. This is Lady Rose, your partner in the Follow me #30 on Swap-bot and I love your blog :)

    I really love the pics :)

  3. Those Taco's look good! And the dog is adorable!

    Eveline (Follow me #30)

  4. Love these pictures. You're dog is so so cute and I love rainbows so much when they make an appearance.

    kimt1989 from swap-bot follow me #30

  5. Nice pictures! Now I want a hot dog lol Follow me #30 xoxo, Florence