Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My life Through Photos

Decorating Day planners seems to be a thing these days and paying $80 for one too seems to be in too. I'm not about to spend 1/4 of that on a day planner. So I picked up the Project life planner inserts at 50% off and a few jump rings and a few hours later I made this cutie. I'm happy with how it turned out because I didn't know how to make a sturdy cover for it but I figured it out.


Last week was AMAZING for couponing for me. There were two good deals happening on this dog food & because I couldn't hit up Target which had the better deal until the end of the week I did all this at Walgreens..this was 20 bags for $12

I was feeling a bit iffy to wait until the end of the week with maybe not getting to get in on this deal but I hit up 5 Targets & got what I wanted. Pictured is 36 bags of dog food, 20 tubs of dog food, 10 cans of cat food, 6 tapes, 3 St. Ives, 18 hand sanitizers, 6 deoderants for $60.34 plus tax. We already gave away some dog food and we'll be donating a lot of it to the pug rescue,I love helping out those cuties.

These are Pluots which are a plum & apricot hybrid. I had never had them but I like them! They actually taste like a mix between a plum and a peach.

I thrifted this cassette tape holder for $3 & turned it into a washi tape holder :)


  1. The planner looks great! Beats paying however much those Erin Condren planners cost!

    I've never had a pluot but since you wrote peach I'm sold. :D

    The tape/washi holder looks great!