Thursday, September 11, 2014

Night time Beauty Care Products

These are the products I've been using all summer for my night time 'regimen'. Even though it's summer and the air is a lot less dry than it is in the winter I'm still combating eczema =/ I still like the Yes to Night time cream because it's super hydrating and not at all greasy. I like using the Say Yes blueberry wipes when I want to get my makeup off but not wash my face. I love the Almay lash care for days I am wearing mascara, I like this brand as it doesn't burn my eyes. I either use the Say Yes eye firming treatment or the hydrocortisone depending on how dry my skin is that day.

What are your go to night time beauty products?

I was not paid or compensated for doing this review, I just like to share my thoughts on affordable products

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  1. I need to try one of those Yes to ____ products!

    Not sharing my night time products because I don't have any. *is lazy*