Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Life Through Photos

75% off Hello kitty clothes? Of course! I ran into some super good deals on dog clothes at Petsmart so now my dogs are set for awhile.

Must resist buying more washi tape.

I even have a Pyrex bowl JUST for shiny and glitter washi =/


  1. Haha! I think that I need some fashion show like doggy photos! And you definitely have a huge collection of washi tapes, at least to me that is. I think I've only got a set of samples. I used to collect deco tapes a lot and have a good bit of unopened ones myself...I don't want to use them though >_< lol. Happy January! [Comment and follow #37 AJStarfish]

  2. Let's face it, no one can resist those washi tapes EVER!

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  3. Those clothes are really cute and so is your dog (kimt1989 from swap-bot)

  4. Your dogs are rare in that it seems they like wearing clothes! Mine get super depressed and can't seem to function in costumes. :p Do they have a lot of outfit choices?